Getting Physical With The Digital Ether Takeover

According to recent reports, Apple’s investors are urging the iPhone maker to help reduce smartphone addiction among children. While I don’t doubt smartphone addiction may be a thing at the moment, my own usage habits lead me to think this issue will be short-lived.

When I’m at home, my smartphone stays on my desk. I don’t use it as often as I once did. The same is true of my tablet, unless I’m reading single-issue comics.


Print 17 May Be Over But the Printerverse Continues!

As previously announced, I rode a CMYK rainbow of fun and friendship to Print 17. It went fast, but I’m still savoring the afterglow of the camaraderie, information sharing, and alien-approved ridiculousness. I got exactly what I wanted out of the event: met the fleshy avatars of digital #PrintChat friends, made new connections, opened new opportunities, and expanded my mental map of the Printerverse.

When Worlds Collide: Meeting an Old Friend in The Printerverse

“There is a Printerverse” was my very first Print Media Centr column. Look at me then: full of wonder at how the knowledge, technologies, interests, events, and organizations shared among ink-sniffers formed a culture and a “Printerverse.” Can you believe we were ever that young?

As I write this, I’m on a pre-summer business and friendship tour that has included several days in North Carolina and Georgia. I got a chance to meet with an old prospect turned friend turned new prospect and I chatted with a few people about work I’m doing around augmented reality (AR).

image via Print Media Centr (

image via Print Media Centr (

In my latest Print Media Centr column, I share how I discovered an old friend from college had once worked in the "Printerverse." I also solicit suggestions and guidance from our print and integrated marketing community that might help him return to the field.

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