So about that birth certificate...#operationspoiledfruit

Despite all the conversation and media coverage, we have yet to see the orange demagogue's birth certificate.

I'm not convinced "he" is a citizen.

We've all heard the rumors that there is no "Donald Trump." A series of actors and advanced puppets—I recommend a thorough investigation of Jim Henson's records—may have played the character over the decades. Is this a conspiracy by the elites to draw out and expose "undesirables" before "the fall"? 

Notice how "his" slogan is "Make America Great Again" and not "Make the United States Great Again." What if all of this is part of a long game to destroy the United States and bring North and South America under the government of casino owners otherwise known as the Illuminati? Is there a YouTube channel we can subscribe to for the TRUTH?

What are THEY hiding? If the orange is a legal human, and a real Christian, THEY should have no problem releasing the LONG FORM birth certificate that would include the signature of Jesus. Are THEY afraid the people will discover that "he" is an illegal muppet and Constitutionally ineligible to be president of the United States? 

We need to ask these questions. We need REAL answers.