Virus! Malware! Adware! - Redirects can get the chrome to the head

As I attempted to read the latest half-thoughtful commentary about something controversial across Twitter and Tumblr, my phone buzzed. My preferred pablum was gone! In it's place I found a "warning" about malware. A pretend company with a site designed to mimic Google's homepage had kindly identified the thousands of viruses on my phone. Closing the browser window was not an option. There was buzzing. There was a scary popup. This was serious.

No, it wasn't. But I was annoyed. And I vowed to bring death to redirects. Leave me to my pablum!

In Chrome on mobile devices go to Settings > Site Settings > And then disable Javascript.

Haven't experienced redirects since making that fix. Some sites have lost functionality (e.g. embedded videos) or look slightly stripped down visually. But I squashed an annoying thing.

Also, you can list some sites as exceptions so that JavaScript will still work on them. I did that with a few faves.