Are You Augmenting Your Sales Metrics With Reality?

"Multi-sensory print with hologramsBeaconsHaptics. I’m a sucker for cool experiences enabled by technology. Feed me. Feed my geek.

When it comes to marketing and print technology, I never go hungry for long. Perks for writing on Team PMC, and being a #PrintChat regular, include opportunities to make friends with techies and integrated marketing professionals who keep me in the loop on everything from the experiences they and their peers are creating now to the histories of what came before. It’s not always about new or new-to-me technology, but more about sharpening and broadening my mental map of the Printerverse and enjoying site-seeing along the way."

This column describes a shift in my thinking about Augmented Reality and how to discuss AR with organizations that could benefit from it. Head over to Print Media Centr and let me know what you think after you read the rest: