For the right amount of fun and money, cool companies can buy space in my ever-evolving myth.


Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell stories of technology, enterprise, and superheroes. Lift the great song of how I rose from the cube-fields cultivating relationships and introducing people and organizations to technology and services aligned with their objectives. Sing of technical writing, content development, channel building, and ongoing study.

Working in concert with my mentors in business and high technology (David Steinberg and Dan Estrada), I successfully executed core components of the channel distribution strategy for cloud-services startup SwapDrive. My SwapDrive adventure provided me with opportunities to wear multiple hats including my favorite: technical writer.

Following SwapDrive’s 137 million dollar acquisition by security software leader Symantec, I lent my skills to marketing efforts related to the Norton Online Backup product. In subsequent roles, I earned additional merit badges for marketing. There are several organizations where anyone who has heard of them has probably spoken with me, interacted with me on social media (e.g. @andysolages on Twitter), or encountered their solutions through the channel partners and thought leaders with whom I've cultivated relationships.

Over the course of my adventures, I’ve cultivated technical writing, content development, marketing, service delivery, channel development, business development, account management, and project management expertise across technology innovators, providers, and consultancies.  In parallel, I continue to study and experiment with relevant technologies, frameworks, practice areas, and processes (e.g. ITIL, Azure, SharePoint, SaaS, PaaS, information security, integrated marketing, augmented reality, mixed reality, low-code application development). My experience with a technology consultancy that served the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) space sparked my practice of reading about how buildings work and attending events hosted by organizations like the American Institute of Architects (AIA). 

I work nine-to-fives and I work independently. My independent ventures — which are a function of my network and could thus be described as "interdependent" — involve writing or channel development for technology companies. By day, I am a technical writer. 

If you are a denizen of the "printerverse" you might know me as a monthly columnist for Print Media Centr. Other people might know me as one of the co-founders of Sological Underpennings which offered copy editing and proofreading services to authors, artists, small businesses, and organizations.

Previously, I served as news editor for popular news and analysis daily, Viewed in over 50 countries, BE evolved from a hub of information drawn from myriad sources to an active community informed by enlightened self-interest and business principles. With my fair and pragmatic approach, I ensured a variety of sources, viewpoints, and worldviews were represented in each weekday update.

I served on the board of directors for Juju's Children's Manor. Juju’s Manor, when complete, will provide a home for formerly abandoned Haitian children. The organization currently funds the education of approximately fifty children in Haiti.

Currently, I am a member of the Advertising Production Club of New York (APC-NYC). The APC is a community of production professionals who work in print, digital, and emerging media. In addition to providing networking and educational opportunities for members, APC raises scholarship funds and provides mentors for students in the field.

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